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Project Description
Simple application helps converting strings and files from or to Base64 string.
You can use any encoding to convert while a sidebar previews decoded string for all other encodings.

Enter any text you want in the bottom text box and click on 'Encode'

In the top text box you will get the encoded text. Text is encoded using the encoding specified in 'Use Encoding' list on the top right corner of the window. 

You can select any available encoding from the drop-down list of 'Use Encoding' and click 'Decode' to see how it is decoded.

In addtion a short preview list of decoded text will be generated for each encoding on the right side of the window. This list is refreshed each time you click on 'Decode'. This is very helpful in cases when you are not sure which encoding is used with you Base64 string.

When you find the proper encoding in the preview pane you can just click on it and then on 'Decode'.

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